Probably an easy answer but...

  • How can I load a playlist that I saved? I dont use the same playlist dir as the dir I play mp3s from.

    music dir = /mp3
    playlist dir = /home/mp3bar/lister

    Would have been really nice if a button, F6 for example, were use for both saving and loading playlists.

    • AFAIN :
      Edit in the .mjsrc file:
      set playlistpath     /home/mp3bar/lister

      then make a link in your music dir to /home/mp3bar/lister and you should be able to load and browse your playlists.

    • Hm, I sort of knew this solution, the problem is, the mp3s are mounted over nfs, and the lists are stored local. Will probaly have to move the lists to the nfs volume. But a load button where you could choose from saved playlists would have been nice.

    • I have done the same, you just put a symlink on your nfs server, and locally it then points to yout local stored playlists.

      Oh, yes a load button would be nice, it's just that all function keys are used...