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MJPEGTools 1.8 released !

Dear all,

after almost one-and-a-half-year, the drums thrill again, and as the
music plays, we hear the orcs coming in at the horizon. Oh, wait, eh,
that's another game.

!!! mjpegtools-1.8.0 is released !!!

Mjpegtools 1.8.0 brings you your favourite video/DVD processing tools,
which can be used for tons of purposes, such as digitizing your VHS
collection, creating and transcoding DVDs, doing advanced video
filtering on already-digitized videos (think denoising, unsharping,
deinterlacing, telekine, scaling, etc.), and many, many more things.
Mjpegtools is a complete suite of tools for you to capture, edit,
process, filter and play your media as you wish.

To download mjpegtools, you can go to our SourceForge project page
(, where you'll find
tarballs, source/binary RPMs (for Fedora Core 4) and all our online
documentation, discussion fora and so on.

Here's a random list of changes that you'll find compared to the
previous release (1.6.2):

- changes in YUV4MPEG2 API to offer support for multiple colorspaces
(particularly useful for DV video), so that multiple planar YUV formats
(also monochrome or alpha) are supported.
- most filtering tools have been adapted to support multiple YUV formats,
so that you will not lose quality/precision in conversion steps.
- Many new or dramatically improved filters including (but not limited to):
*) yuvdenoise (denoising filter)
*) yuvdeinterlace (intelligent deinterlacing program)
*) y4munsharp (unsharp mask image sharpening program)
- Improvements in the IDCT/DCT routines in the MPEG-1/-2 encoder
(much more exact now and not subject to overflow/truncation on the
IA32 arch).
- MANY new utilties for importing/exporting data:
*) New and improved PGM/PNM conversion programs for dealing
with PPM data.
*) Utilities to convert raw (headerless) YUV data to and from
YUV4MPEG2 format. Useful when interfacing with other program
*) Program (yuyvtoy4m) to convert 4:2:2 data from digital cameras
into YUV4MPEG2 format for use with mjpegtools.
*) y4mstabilizer for stabilizing images with unsteady camera work
- Improvements and fixes in 'mplex' for handling PCM audio (LPCM
audio actually works now ;))
- DPME (Dual Prime Motion Estimation) in the encoder (mpeg2enc)
is fully functional (it was present but buggy/artifacted in the earlier
- Rate control in the encoder improved considerably.
- Much better Quicktime file handling (via libquicktime) especially
the audio tracks.
- Besides the always-excellent x86 support, we now have full support for
AMD64 (including MMX/SSE/etc. optimizations) and for PPC (e.g. Linux or
OS/X), and win32 support is also available (via Cygwin/Mingw).

Currently, there's one known bug: the MPEG encoder will not always work
correctly when used in multi-threading mode, and therefore the use of
the -M option with a number different than zero is not recommended. This
is not a large problem, since nowadays, filters take far more CPU than
the actual MPEG encoding, and the kernel will take care of separating
the different filtering processes over your multiple CPUs (if you have
There may be more bugs, even after this long time of testing. Therefore,
if you see any, please report it to the mailinglist / developers so we
can fix them (

As a final note, I'd like to drop a small personal message. I've lead
the release management of mjpegtools for several years, and because of
changes in personal life (start of a PhD program in Manhattan, limited
time, new social life, etc.), I've decided to step down as release
manager. Steven, who has been very active in pretty much all areas of
mjpegtools, has accepted the honour of being our new release manager.
Steven, thanks and good luck! Also a big thanks to all contributors to
this release, mjpegtools would not exist without you!



Posted by Gernot Ziegler 2005-09-26