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Mixere 1.1.00 released; MP3 files seekable

In previous versions, the position slider was not supported for MP3 files. This is fixed; the position slider moves while an MP3 is playing, and it's possible to seek within an MP3 by moving the position slider. This fix results from relinking Mixere to the latest version of Audiere (, which may solve other issues too; for details, see the Audiere website.

Posted by Chris Korda 2007-07-06

Mixere 1.0.83 released

This release contains bug fixes only. One of the bugs makes help inaccessible, so new users in particular should download this release, rather than 1.0.82.

The changes are as follows:
1. If you load audio files before accessing help for the first time, the help file is not found; fixed.
2. If undo levels is set to zero, closing a modified document doesn't display a save prompt; fixed.

Since SourceForge got around to fixing the statistics, it turns out that Mixere actually has users, possibly even thousands of users. This was by no means apparent from the number of emails and forum posts (nearly zero). Perhaps Mixere is perfect? Just kidding! Whatever the explanation, thanks for using Mixere, whoever you are.

Posted by Chris Korda 2005-06-27

Mixere audio mixing software released

Mixere is a free, open-source Windows application for mixing audio files. It has a simple, spreadsheet-like interface that's optimized for live performance, and especially for making live sound collage. Imagine racks full of CD players, connected to automated mixers.

Mixere's features include:
* dynamic looping and triggering of audio
* fully automated sliders
* "soft" (gradual) mute/solo operations
* crossfading between documents
* snapshots
* unlimited undo... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2005-03-02