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On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 4:46 PM, William H. Magill <> wrote:
Don't know where to start researching this one so I figured I'd start here.

The background:

I have a fairly extensive X10 setup along with an assortment of other automation "stuff."

I have switched all of my "down lights" over to CFLs, with relatively little problem as there are
quite a number of CFL Floods available which are "dimmer approved."
These are working as well under X10 as their Incandescent predecessors did.

My issue is with all of the other assorted "table lamps" and "wall lamps" which are on x10 wall switches,
not appliance switches (i.e. the relay based ones.)

Those both don't work well when CFLs replace Incandescents nor do the bulbs "last."
"don't work well" implies significant flicker at times, do not shut off completely, etc. all are "to be expected."

The "problem" is the inconstancy with which this happens. Some (switches and or bulbs) obviously
have problems immediately, others "seem to work" for extended periods of time and then fail.

I recently have had a collection of bulbs, probably all from the same lot as they were purchased in contractor
bulk packs  (12 bulbs) at either Home Depot or Lowes,  which had been working, all apparently "fail" at the
same time. Fail in this case usually has meant "flicker" rather than "burning out." In two cases, the "replacement"
bulbs "failed" immediately -- one doing the flicker think, and the other going black.
[The failure rate here seems to be relative to the age of the bulb, not hours of use.]

I've considered using LED based bulbs, but there even fewer of them "dimmer certified" than CFLs, and they
tend to be low level illumination.
(I do have soem LED floods working quite nicely as outdoor floods, on simple photocells.)

The questions...

1- How much has the "product" technology and availability for CFL and LED lighting "improved" or "matured"
since this time last year.

2- Am I correct in assuming that X10 and CFLs are inherently not made for each other.
(Again, "normal" wall switches, not the relay-based variety.)

3- Are any of the other PL control systems any better, more reliable/compatible etc., when used with CFLs.

4- How about with LEDs?

5- Any pointers to good sources (for CFLs, LED bulbs, reliable information, etc.)

[BTW, I got my TED5000 up and running in early February and am happy with it so far.]

William H. Magill
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