That is just a common code module.  Deep throughts I think.  It is not activated by default AFAIK.  Look in data/code_select.txt.
The default modules activated on install are a current issue.  I am working on making it a little friendlier out of the box.  I hate the way it turns that test light ON and OFF endlessly.  It is guaranteed error every time (the user hasn't set up X10 yet!)
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Hi All,


Another mh newbie question, sorry.


Iíve recently set up an old PC as a dedicated MisterHouse box. (For the record, this runs RH Fedora Core 3, KDE, and uses Festival for the speech, local only at the moment direct out of PCís soundcard. X10 control is via a HomeVision box and the whole setup is being retro-fitted into a 15 century building)


The set up is working pretty good so far, EXCEPT that while running, mh reads its random witty phrase once a minute to the local soundcard. As these can be quite long, Iíve assumed they are deep thoughts. (Iíve noticed tag-lines are shorter, at least those shown as text on the web interface are)


Iíve (bravely or foolishly?) copied the entire code/bruce directory and renamed it and pointed my installation there. I did this because, well, I have high ambitions for the installation and Bruceís code is a pretty high bar to aim at. Iíve disabled the stuff I donít need for now using the web interface code select pages, and Iíve relocated what I consider scripts that are irrelevant to my simple set-up into a subdirectory to keep them safe for later but out of the way for now, and have commented out a fair chunk of the contents of what remains to stop it complaining. I know how messy this reads because I do support. L




All Iím looking for is any ideas from the group about where to find the offending code. It may be in code/common or my reduced copy of code/bruce.  After sifting though the list archives I came across a post where Bruce identified that there was a script in code/common but I have already disabled this and as a bit of overkill been through the script and commented the whole thing out, with no effect.


Even some rough suggestions about what commands to grep for would be a help.


Iíve searched and searched and am now starting to go a bit loopy. Help!



Andrew Johnson



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