I've not done any serious MH development in a long time (nearly two years ago when I built a module to connect MH to my SMA solar inverter - thanks Eloy!), but now is the time, esp. with the advances in the Android app and IoT ideas I've had lately... :)

My Viglen mini PC server has been struggling lately, so I've acquired a Asus EEE PC, still woefully underpowered, but it's twice the RAM and probably 4 times the horsepower, with minimal power usage and cost, plus no spinning rust. Nice.

I've installed the latest Ubuntu LTS server and sorted out the SSD issues, but now it would seem wise to jump to the latest and greatest version of MH.

Having skimmed through the last few hundred emails, there seem to be several versions of MH -
1) The website still shows the 2008 version,
2) The SVN version
3) The Git version
4) An Insteon version (prob on SVN)
Along with aborted attempts to revamp the web interface...

I'm also unclear as to where the back end modules/updates are for the Android app?

So, which is the 'best' version to go for?  Best being most updated, but stable rather than bleeding...
And what are the differences between the SVN/Git versions?