On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 1:42 PM, Michael Stovenour <michael@stovenour.net> wrote:
> 27/04/2013 16:41:54  Running: PLM scan link table
> 27/04/2013 16:41:54  [Insteon_PLM]: ERROR!! Command sent to PLM 026a is of an incorrect
> length.  Message not sent.
> Mmmh, this ain't looking good.

Yes, this is another issue associated with an enhancement.  I've already fixed it on my
local repository (on my laptop).  ...I really wish someone would write up a list of
Insteon test cases ;)  Then we could insist that those tests be run before checking in

I will fess up and admit I inserted that awful bug.  I wrote it nearly two months ago and I thought it had been merged into my 'running' branch all that time.  It turns out it wasn't and therefore had not been fully tested.  I merged a patch this morning when I saw that it was a debilitating but.