My two cents after editing a lot on wikispaces.  Wiki spaces is not a very good wiki system.  For whatever reason evertime I paste something while editing, the text gets pasted in the correct spot, but my cursor moves to some random spot on the page. Annoying.

I at least have no ability to rename pages or setup redirects, which is rough if I am going to clean up the pages we have.

The save function is slow and tedious which discourages incremental saves.

In all, the editing of things at wikispaces leaves a lot to be desired, especially for a website that specializes in wikis.

With that said there is a lot of documentation at wikispaces.  Moving that would be a real chore, plus who knows how many links exist out there. 

This is contrary to my prior position, but I am in favor of staying with wikispaces. Bad documentation is better than none.  Plus of we all put some work into it, I think it could be converted into a good resource.

On Feb 24, 2013 7:19 AM, "Marc MERLIN" <> wrote:
On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 08:29:55AM -0500, Eloy Paris wrote:
> We are not doing anyone a favor by maintaining documentation in two
> places so we need to decide where we are going to keep documentation and
> stick with it.
> Personally I do not have any preference but I tend to favor wikispaces
> because there is a lot of documentation there already. Unless, as
> Michael says, someone takes on the task of moving things from wikispaces
> to github.

I kind of agree that having docs in 3 places doesn't make sense.

Getting access to is "work" because you need an account and an

Getting access to wikispaces is easy, and lots of our docs are there, why
not keep that?

Github, I have nothing against, but I'm just not convinced that we need to
move docs there from wikispaces.

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