Welcome to the re-birth club ;)   I had an ancient version of MH running at my old home that was running so well that I hadnt touched it in many years.  Now that I moved, I have to do it all over again...

As with you I started with a new version and simply copied my old mht file.  Everything appears to be working.

#Sample of format
IPLD, 00.12.28, ipld_overhead, Cathedral(5;1), PLM

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 9:26 PM, Richard Hill <buildybuildybum@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm about to be a re-born Misterhouse user, and have zapped my old trunk/ directory and created a fresh new mh directory from branches/insteon. I was following the directions at this link http://misterhouse.wikispaces.com/WhatNow  and it suggested I copy the items.mht file from $Prog_Dir/mh/bin/items.mht to use as a template, but this file doesn't exist in my working copy.

My question is, where is the best place to find a template for items.mht, if I'm going to be running the branches/insteon code? I see Marc Merlin has created a very awesome Insteon starter guide here: http://misterhouse.wikispaces.com/Insteon but I also recall from reading this list that the .mht file format may have changed recently ... Is this still a good starting reference for Insteon-centric users?


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