Thanks so much for the recent work on cleaning up insteon code.

It seems that a change in the last couple of days is causing voice command generation for groups to fail. I usually run bleeding edge and everything was fine on 8/1. I did a 'git pull origin master
>From' during the day and the problem started.


excerpt from .mht:

SCENE_MEMBER, hw6, Water

excerpts from log:

08/01/13 10:00:00 AM Running: Water off
08/01/13 10:00:00 AM [Insteon::BaseObject] $Water::set(off, $Water_v)
08/01/13 10:00:02 AM [Insteon_PLM] Received all-link cleanup success: obj=$Water; command=off; extra=00

restart misterhouse with lastest bleeding edge:

Running external command: water off set by mhsend
08/03/13 07:51:13 AM Command not found: water off

I switched back to the stable branch from master. Now the log file says:

Running external command: water on set by mhsend
08/03/13 08:34:57 AM Running: Water on
08/03/13 08:34:57 AM Ran mhsend command: water on
08/03/13 08:34:57 AM Command was run: water on
mhsend_server: Command was run: water on
08/03/13 08:34:58 AM [Insteon::BaseObject] $Water::set(on, $Water_v)
08/03/13 08:34:59 AM [Insteon_PLM] Received all-link cleanup success: obj=$Water; command=on; extra=00

Thanks again for all your efforts,