OK,  I did have one other question as well...
I'm having another issue simply crosslinking two switchlincs and getting the status of both switches to update properly in mh.  Here's my mht file:
Format = A
IPLL, 0D.B8.DD, test_one, All_lights|Blah, PLM, # 2476S
IPLL, 16.1F.98, test_two, All_lights|Blah, PLM, # 2476D

SCENE_MEMBER, test_one, test_two, 100%, 2s
SCENE_MEMBER, test_two, test_one, 100%, 2s

Simple, right?  Well, when I turn on test_one, it turns on both lights, but only test_one shows as "ON" in mh.  Same goes for reverse.  The documentation seems to indicate that this should be sufficient to inform mh that one button controls the other, (and to poll the other if you go into "DIM" mode), but that just doesn't seem to be happening.