I have installed MH per the install instructions (Windows machine). I have created a perl script for my pioneer receiver.  This runs properly when I run the .pl script.
The web interface runs and I have modified My MH page (my_web) pages to include a test button to play/pause the a/v receiver.
When I use <a href="/bin/pioneer_play.pl"> it executes the .pl script and my web page goes to a blank page with a "1" on it.
I know the "1" means it was successful. I know I'm not supposed to use <a href= which directs me away from the page, but I did for testing purposes.
Based on the MisterHouse WIKI -> How to -> Web Pages page, the bottom section is about passing RUN and SET through the http://../RUN;web_item commands.  This is where I am getting stuck.
How do I create a web_item that can be run from here?
(I want the web_item to run the pioneer_play.pl script.)