Now that Iíve looked into the scene stuff, this page ( has an example for creating a scene for multi-way switches.

So, Iíve;

- Linked local both the micro and switchlinc together as controllers and responders. They work perfect.
- Linked the switchlinc to MH. I can control the state of that switch.
- added scene_members to control the two devices, so my MHT is

INSTEON_SWITCHLINCRELAY,  xx:xx:xx,  garage_light, All_Lights #Micro switch controlling load
INSTEON_SWITCHLINCRELAY, xx:xx:xx, garage_light_inside, All_Lights #interior light switch
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light, garage_light_inside, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light_inside, garage_light, 100%, 0.1s

So now I can see both switchlincs on the web interface. When I turn the micro switch on or off, I can see both devices proper state on the web page.

However, if I change the state of one of these scene devices in MH, the other does not sync to the same state. I would expect that if I turned garage_light on through the web page (or through code), the garage_light_inside should also be turned on, correct? Or do I need to keep these devices in sync through user code? For example,  I have a user code module that turns on the garage_light when the entry door opens. Do I need to set both garage_light and garage_light_inside at the same time?

On Jan 19, 2014, at 2:27 PM, H Plato <> wrote:

Iím probably missing something obvious, however Iím having trouble getting a multi-way switch working.

Because I donít have a true neutral in the light switch box, I installed a Micro on/off switch in the junction box and then re-wired the switch box so that it just has a hot and neutral. I then installed a SwitchLinc Relay in that box. I was able to get the switchlinc and micro linked to each other, so that turning the switchlinc on and off controls the micro switch, and I can press on and off on the micro and see the level LED change on the switchlinc. So far so good.

I then linked just the micro (as controller and responder) with the PLM, so I can control the light from MH. No problem there, I can turn the light on and off from MH, however the switchlinc does not change state to match.

Do I also need to link the switchlinc with MH and create a scene? I really donít want 2 different objects to control one light. Iím also planning on installing another switchlinc so I have three way control of the light (itís a garage light and the light switch was in the house, not in the garage ó go figure).