In reading the wiki for misterhouse xAP/xPL getting started located here:
I see what look like a couple of errors/typos.  They are pretty obvious so really haven't caused me any big problems but it is a bit frustrating.
Under "About Hubs and Do I need One?" the first line:
xAP and xPL messages are broadcast to a specific port (3865 for xPL and 3639 for xPL).
If I knew much about this it would probably be obvious which one was meant to be xAP but I don't and it isn't. 
Under "Enabling/Disabling xAP and/or xPL"  it starts out:
"Basic protocol support for xAP and xPL is enabled within misterhouse. Unless you have xAP or xPL messages generated within your environment, there is no additional overhead--and, so, you may well want to consider leaving them disabled. "
I think the last word should be ENABLED since they are enabled by default.
I am not sure about the rest of the page as thats as far as I got....
Can someone please correct these?