I can help -- I'm just not in front of a mac right now. :)
Ideally the mac xap speech listener would be a portable perl script...similar to the xap connector stuff. This could provide a more flexible distributed speech system for linux, pc's, macs as well as the nokia 770 thread that's going on right now.
ie a config entry tts_cmd_line = say %s for macs, tts_cmd_line = flite %s for the 770, etc...

Or is this even _more_ work....
On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 3:21 PM, Gregg Liming <gregg@limings.net> wrote:
H Plato wrote:
> I think the 'say' command uses the built in tts. Is the script
> platform independant? Care to test with one of your macs gregg :)

I just knew that my responding would come back around to more work ;)
It appears to be spread across a bit of bin/mh and lib/Voice_Text.pm.
I'll see if I can yank out enough to make a client work.


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