I've started working on something like this.  A couple things I've found.

1) Animals will trigger it.
2) Stakes don't come close to holding tolerances well enough to keep alignment.
3) Debouncing the input seems to make it work during most weather.

I have holes bored into concrete fence posts, hiding the mirrors/detectors and making things much more stable. 

On 4/25/07, Jason Sharpee < jason@sharpee.com> wrote:

Does anyone have experience setting up a laser (make-break) beam grid on
an outdoor property?  Someone has a large property that would be
infeasable to cover with motion / camera solutions, but would like an
alert if something is present.

I have used laser (make-break) detectors indoors for various projects, but
would like to extend it to ourdoors using mirrors mounted on stakes
reflecting back and forth across the property.  Im wondering about
performance with Rain / Fog / etc.


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