Hi Kevin,

I'll have to get back into mh again.  The linking code made a real hash of my links and I had to go back to houselinc to get everything working again.   I was also having reliability issues in the network, but I finally got houselinc to run diagnostics reliably.  

I have not tried the mh linking again now that the network seems more reliable.  I still have no idea why it rewrote links at 100% brightness when I had specified 20% and 50% in places.   I'll try it again tomorrow.

I've been bouncing back and forth between mh and pytomation. mh has a more mature insteon / x10 implementation  except for the lack of 2412N support.  Though that's now working. Pytomation X10 was incomplete,  which I added.  But tonight I found some architecture challenges, because of X10 needing multi-part commands sent in sequence, pytomation gets stuck resending for a while.

The other thing going for pytomation is built-in support for the arduino uno, and it seems to be lightweight enough to run reasonably well on the raspberry pi, although I've not tried mh there yet.   The arduino seems perfect to monitor doors, windows, smoke, boiler trouble, water sump float switches, moisture sensors, etc. 

Thanks for the work on this.

On 02/03/2014 06:50 PM, Kevin Robert Keegan wrote:

Based on you success using the InsteonIP code, I brought it up-to-date with the Master branch.  I also added some code that should prevent MH from crashing when the hub is used to control any insteon objects.  If you have a chance test out the code and let me know if it works:


If it seems to go alright, we can merge it into Master.


On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 5:14 PM, Kevin Robert Keegan <kevin@krkeegan.com> wrote:
Awesome, thanks for doing that.

We never coded MH with this in mind, so it isn't really all that surprising.  Just curious to see what would happen.

I can easily patch that issue, but I suspect there are many more.

On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 4:58 PM, George Clark <geomh@fenachrone.com> wrote:
Hi Kevin,

Bad news ...   Crashed

Can't call method "setby" on an undefined value at /home/gac/automation/misterhouse/bin/../lib/Insteon_PLM.pm line 930.
 at mh line 31.
        main::__ANON__("Can't call method \"setby\" on an undefined value at /home/gac/"...) called at /home/gac/automation/misterhouse/bin/../lib/Insteon_PLM.pm line 930
        Insteon_PLM::_parse_data(Insteon_PLM=HASH(0x9816fd8), "025806025028f55c20d956611341") called at /home/gac/automation/misterhouse/bin/../lib/Insteon_PLM.pm line 264
        Insteon_PLM::check_for_data(Insteon_PLM=HASH(0x9816fd8)) called at /home/gac/automation/misterhouse/bin/../lib/Insteon/BaseInterface.pm line 33
        Insteon::BaseInterface::check_for_data() called at mh line 1409
        main::run_hooks_("MainLoop_pre") called at (eval 87) line 5
        main::MainLoop_pre_hooks() called at mh line 1522
        main::check_for_action called at mh line 3303
        main::monitor_commands called at mh line 6724

It took me a bit,  I had never set up any scenes on the 2540N,   so I had to figure that out.  Not particularly intuitive,   but done.   As soon as I click on or off for the scene using the web interface on the 2540N,  mh dies.

Line messages are not going line up for you due to the IP changes, so here is the context:

                            my $message_to_string = ($self->active_message) ? $self->active_message->to_string() : "";
                &::print_log("[Insteon_PLM] Received all-link cleanup success: $message_to_string")
                                    if $self->active_message->setby->debuglevel(1, 'insteon');
                if (ref $self->active_message && ref $self->active_message->setby){                 <=======  Line 930
                    my $object = $self->active_message->setby;


On 01/20/2014 07:42 PM, Kevin Robert Keegan wrote:
Sorry, yes use the web interface built into the hub to change a device state.

I figure some people would be interested in using the hub as a "Wife Acceptable Interface" while using MH as the more robust backend.


On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 4:40 PM, George Clark <geomh@fenachrone.com> wrote:
Hi Kevin,

I'm glad to test, but I'm not sure what you mean by use the hub to
control an object?

You mean use the http connection to the 2540N to change a devices state
while mh is connected to the modem port?

On 01/20/2014 07:36 PM, Kevin Robert Keegan wrote:
> Can you test one thing for me?  I would like to know what happens when
> you use the hub to control an object.  What does MH do if anything?
>  Does it recognize the change?  Does it implode when it receives an
> acknowledgement to a command that it never sent?  I could inject some
> fake messages, but I figure it would be easier for you to test it out.

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