I have configured Mister House on my server here, and would like to start getting X10 devices.  I have read about X10,UPB, Insteon, and X10 wireless.  I am interested in getting a reliable system but I am not willing to pay a whole lot either.  I do not need the very best or the most reliable.  I would like to control maybe 6 lights, 2-4 appliances, 2 wall sockets, 2 dimmers, weather devices on a one wire network, and eventualy controlling my thermostat. 

I have read about the CM11 serial, CM15 usb, and the CM17 firecracker device.  Many people say the CM15 is better than the CM11 and was the wireless recieving and sending for X10 devices but I have read that it isn't really fully supported.  Does any one have any suggestions on which device would be best?