Hi Kieran,

  Welcome to the list.  I believe the answer to your question is address in the Wiki http://misterhouse.sourceforge.net/faq.html - specifically the code is in the test directory :-)


On 11/25/2010 9:15 AM, kieran wrote:
Hello list.

It's been some time since I've had MH running at home (WIN NT some 5 years back!) and I'm now trying to get it running on Ubuntu desktop.

I installed the trunk from SVN, ran ./configure and mh starts fine. Got Festival running as well (although I need to run festival --server & in terminal to get that running) and the test_X_10_light.pl is firing off every 30 seconds.

If anyone has experience here and could offer some assistance off-line in some basic customization techniques, I'd be appreciative. (Still trying to get past the Linux learning curve and some of the mh-specific commands that I thought I'd remember but, apparently don't.)

I've been lurking on freenode #misterhouse, but haven't found anyone there in the past several days.

It's Thanksgiving and there are more pressing issues with this holiday upon us but if we could arrange something in one arena or another, (mail or chat), I'd be off to the races!

Thanks to all and enjoy the holiday.


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