Sounds like an interesting project.
Your end goal is way beyond what I was doing, but suggest you look for posts with this subject:
" MH on NSLU2 - OpenWRT Kamakazie 8.09 "
back in January through early February 2010.

Bottom line, I gave up on OpenWRT and moved to Debian.
I never could determine if it was Kamakazie, Perl, MH or what but getting even basic MH up and running was elusive.

Good luck!

On 4/20/2010 11:05 PM, Juan Camilo Chaparro Marroquín wrote:
Hi Everyone:

My name is Juan Camilo Chaparro, I am an EE student from Colombia, and I'm doing a home automation project (degree thesis) using the SUNGALE ID800WT DPF, with touchscreen, OpenWRT Linux, Wi-Fi, and of course MisterHouse. I've been trying to learn as fast as I can about all the features MisterHouse has, but I'm still kind of a newbie :S. I'm using Digi's XBEE Nodes for a home network for four devices, a remote control, the DPF, a dimmer switch and a electrical curtain, all built or on the way to be built by myself. I'm aware that MisterHouse Zigbee support is limited, but I was thinking about using the Insteon codes for using the XBEE nodes, however I do not know how to adjust the configs and the routines to read the devices. Can anyone please guide me through this?
I really want to use MH because of all of its cool features, so it would be great to be able to use it with the xbees.
BTW, I'm using the touchscreen with QT environment, to make a GUI such as the one proposed in MisterhouseTimo on the wiki pages.
Please let me know your thoughts about the project...and about the XBEE issue.

Thanks in advance,

Juan Camilo
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