Hey guys,

After a preliminary research I need to rule out my previous 2 options which were:
1. Insteon - this technology suits only to United States electrical system (110v, 50hz)
2. Z-Wave - the European frequency isn't legal for personal use in my country.

This brings me to check another 2 possible options (wired and wireless):
1. PLC BUS - I understand that this technology is the continuation of the X10 which brings
more reliability and 2 way control of the devices. I have seen in the wiki just one device
that says PLC BUS in it's description and that was the Lynx 10-PC. Are there any other
device controllers which are supported?

2. ZigBee - since I haven't seen any actual support for this this option drops immediately
unless someone on this mailing list can verify that misterhouse software works with an
zigbee adapter.