On Jul 25, 2013, at 2:51 PM, Lieven Hollevoet wrote:

Op 25-jul.-2013, om 19:46 heeft Brent DeShazer <brent@deshazer.net> het volgende geschreven:

I don't *think* anyone is talking about removing any of the existing web interfaces, just *adding* a new one using more modern technologies that can be utilized by those devices that support them like iOS and Android tablets/phones and of course PCs.

I second this. Monte, no need to get worried, nobody plans to remove the ia5 interface or to otherwise break existing functionality.

  I suppose I should have phrased my message a little differently.  I wouldn't have thought that anyone would be suggesting removing the ia5 interface.. At least I would hope not. :-)

  My request came more from the perspective of not designing a new web config/control interface for mh; that *required* something like AJAX/JavaScript, etc. even for access to basic/core configuration functions.  

  I understand that we can't maintain backwards compatibility all the way to stone tablets and abacuses. :-) And that eventually these devices which have served so well for so many years will, alas; have to go the way of the dodo bird.   I just wanted to interject a request to anyone who wants to start writing a new interface; and who may not even know why the ia5 interface and graphics set were created in the first place, to just please keep that in mind when designing/testing. :-)

 For reference, in case there's someone on the list who hasn't seen the MrAudrey code; Pete's web page for it is:


 No idea if he's still on the mh list or not, so just making sure his work gets referenced for history..



On Jul 25, 2013, at 12:12 PM, Monte Freeman wrote:

I'm all for updates and improvements... :-)

As a user (and not really a developer), my one request is that web interface enhancements/improvements/modifications try and maintain compatibility with the 3com Audrey appliances and the MrAudrey image that Pete Flaherty wrote to flash onto the Audrey devices.

I rarely interface with my mh system for daily use other than through one of the Audrey touch screen devices that are scattered through my house; and I have become very accustomed to the push audio from my mh box to the audrey devices for announcements and the "grandfather clock".

I don't think the audrey devices are capable of AJAX/JQuery/JavaScript in their built-in browser (I'm pretty sure that hardware pre-dates all that software technology).

I know there has been work on making apps for various Android tablet devices to try and replace the audrey devices; but I can't afford to buy new tablets to have touch screen and remote speakers for the house at the moment... So, please; if possible....don't break the audrey functionality when doing updates/improvements to the mh web interface. :-)


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