I've started upgrading my automation setup.  One of the things I'd like to be able to do is support dedicated HTPCs in the family and theater rooms.  I want the HTPC to be able to play DVDs from its drive as well as video that's stored on a central server. 

I want to be able to control the HTPC via laptops that have wireless connections to the network.  I'll also need to be able to output IR from the HTPC to be able to control the TV (plasma) and sound.  If possible, I'd like something that integrates with MH since I've already got that working. 

The server has Windows 2000, ATI AIW 8500DV, lots of hard drive space, a Hauppauge PVR150, and more.  If necessary, I can change the OS to Linux.  I've started storing ripped DVDs and CDs on this system. The server has a TV out and I'd like to be able to control it via the web so I can send its signals to the other rooms in the house.  In addition, this would be a good place to base home audio.

I've also got a low end PC that will be dedicated to running MH.  Eventually I'd like to enable outside access to MH in case I forget to turn on the security system, turn down heat, etc.  I'm putting MH on a dedicated PC so the system that's exposed to the outside world doesn't have any personal files.  This system came with Windows XP, but I could also install Linux on it. 

The HTPC will be a Shuttle Zen that has sound and s-video outputs and is running Windows MCE.  The video is from ATI, and I think I can get Linux drivers for it.

I currently use my MH setup to control lights and my HAI thermostats.  Future enhancements on my list include interfacing to my Caddx NX-8e security panel, enabling serveral Audreys, using an Ocelot for some additional automation and perhaps IR control

I've asked about this on some of the forums and people have suggested MainLobby or CQC.  I've already ruled out CQC because it has no support for the HAI Omnistats or the Caddx security panel.  MainLobby looks nice (except for the price tag), but also doesn't support the security or thermostats.  If I want those to work with MainLobby, I'd have to also get Home$eer. 

So, why am I asking all this here?  Well, I'm wondering what options are available via MisterHouse.  I know there's already some code for the security panel and that I can enable internet access for MH.  I also know I can get it to play audio.

The one thing I'm not sure about is video playback.  Would something like MythTV give me what I'm looking for?  If I installed it on the server and HTPC would I be able to control them via the laptops?  Does it integrate well with MH?  Are there any Windows based programs that would allow web based HTPC control and could integrate with MH?