Do you have a link to the RATRING interface.  I seem to vaguely remember that name (was it a few years ago)?


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I think the boards you are looking for were dropped long ago from the weeder
site.  You might try the 'wayback machine' internet archive for old info.
Some of the very early boards were kits promoted in electronics magazine
articles.  The information can be found with a little digging and the
software files are available too but you may have trouble finding the parts
- some are no doubt obsolete.

Far circuits sells bare circuit boards and has a weeder board for sale.  I
think it comes with an article reprint.

The code files for the circuits can be found too.  Here is a site:

As I remember there was a weeder caller ID in Electronics Now and the DTMF
in Popular Electronics a year or two apart.  I am not sure if these are the
ones used with misterhouse but I think they are about the right time.  You
might be able to get an article reprint through a local library.

You might look into the RATRING.  It is a PIC based phone interface that
uses current parts.

Or a voice modem.

I would like to implement both functions cheaply and have considered all
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