Please help a confused Newbie!
I have a Slimline Switch (SS13A) that I want to use to control some scenes in a room.  It has 3 on and off buttons plus the dimmer button. What I would like to do is if I press the top "ON" button, the slimline sends "M1 ON" code out  this is turn turns on devices M5 and M6 and turns off M7,  if I touch the top "OFF" button it sends "M1 OFF" and then that does another scene lets say device M5 and M6 off and M7 on.  This way I should be able to get 6 scenes out of the 3 on/off buttons.
I think this can be done but I've searched the world over for some code examples and I have just confused myself beyond belief.  In the docs and examples,  I never really saw a simple example of how to turn on a light with a SS13A or a PalmPad type controller.  Either that or it blew me away being a novice.  I am running MH on a Linux box.
Thanks for the help,
Michael D. Kaylor