Hiya all.
Happy new year!!
I have finally got the weather.pm and weather.pl talking to each other and also to the web.  There are a few errors in both scripts.
However I can't for the life of me screen scrape the info into the hashref.  I think it has something to do with the lookup routine not knowing what to look for.  And I am not to sure it will be a straight forward pattern match either as the weather.html page puts the info into table format which puts the actual data required on the a different line.
Is there anyone out there that might have any ideas.
The error in Weather_com.pl by the way is
            run "get_url $Weather{page} $config_parms{data_dir}/weather.html";
should read
            run "get_url $Weather{url} $config_parms{data_dir}/weather.html";
on line 30
Hope someone can help.