I searched the archives and could not come up with anything. My problem is the code file "internet_ip_update_larry.pl" stopped working. My assumption is the website it gets info from (www.whatismyip.com) has changed thier format. Can anyone confirm this and offer any advise? I have made a notation on the line I feel needs work below:
# Category=Internet
#This will get you your actual IP address and display it in a TK interface. 
#This is very useful if MH is sitting behind a router and you need to know your external IP address.
#It monitors any changes in your IP address and can take action upon a change.
#Larry Roudebush
my $f_get_external_ip = "$config_parms{data_dir}/web/externalip.html";
$v_get_external_ip = new Voice_Cmd 'Check external IP address';
$p_get_external_ip = new Process_Item "get_url http://www.whatismyip.com $f_get_external_ip";
if (said $v_get_external_ip or $New_Hour) {
    unlink $f_get_external_ip;
    start $p_get_external_ip;
    print_log 'Checking external IP address';
if (done_now $p_get_external_ip) {
    my $html = file_read $f_get_external_ip;
    my ($externalip) = $html =~ /(\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3})/;   I ASSUME THIS LINE NEEDS CHANGING
    print_log "External IP Address is:  $externalip";
    if ($Save{ip_address_server} eq $externalip) {
            #print_log "IP server address current";
Thanks in advance!