call mixup programs through others

  • Hello Lyn,

    just a very quick question: It is possible to call other mixup scripts from others? I am asking this because i have ended up writing a very big mixup script which is a combination of smallers i ve written for different things and i want to have the opportunity to highlight spans of interest in one go. Is this possible?

    Many thanks


  • thanks. i had before but i am slightly confused.

    If i have a mixup file named "example.mixup" to highlight examples

    i just type

    provide 'examples';
    require 'examples', 'example.mixup';

    it seems to work but i cannot find in span types "examples" to select. Sorry my question may have the most obvious answer. I  thought by executing the program MT will recognise the "examples" class, no?

  • Frank Lin
    Frank Lin

    It does not make sense to with provide and require the same type in the same mixup file. Please look at

    minorthird/lib/mixup/time.mixup and minorthird/lib/mixup/date.mixup

    minorthird/lib/mixup/np.mixup and minorthird/lib/mixup/names.mixup

    to see how mixup programs use these statements.