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MiniShare 1.5.5 released

This version fixes a bug that makes MiniShare crash when bombed with new connections. It is a quick hack and originally was in the code before I rewrote the code for sending files. You can manually patch the source code by adding "Sleep(50)" after _beginthread(...) in the serverthread() function in the file server.c.

This is a quick hack and probably doesn't fix the issue entirerly but until someone writes MiniShare 2.0, it has to do.... read more

Posted by kometbomb 2007-04-13

MiniShare 1.5.4 released

This is a minor bugfix and most likely the last version ever. I will fix any security concerns that might appear but that's it. At least until I find inspiration to write MiniShare 2. Also, if someone wants to take over the project (which was the reason to make the project open source), I can help with any minor problems that could arise.

Thanks to all translators and everyone who sent their help and suggestions. Bye for now.... read more

Posted by kometbomb 2006-06-07

MiniShare 1.5.3 Released

MiniShare 1.5.3 includes some bugfixes and increased performance. This version will most likely be the last version before nearly complete code rewrite.


Posted by kometbomb 2005-05-30

MiniShare 1.5.1 Released

The 1.5.1 release includes some useful features such as the possiblity to split log files into smaller files for each day and the possibility to select to which interface to bind the server, and the usual batch of bugfixes.


- Changed the file format for the file the shared file list is saved to.
- Fixed a bug that made the program use all of available CPU when waiting
for a connection to be reused.
- File attributes are now moved with the file when a file is removed.
- A banned address now accepts wildcards at any point (proper handling).
- Fixed some problems in the template engine:
* Broken IF-logic fixed.
* file.mime now returns the MIME type and not the file path.
- Log filename now substitutes %y, %m or %d for the current year, month
and day. Useful for log file rotation.
- Added proper handling for missing template files. [netgoalie]
- Added possibility to disregard connection keep-alive. [netgoalie]
- Added possibility to select which network interface to be bind to.
- Messageboxes can now be redirected to the log file.

Posted by kometbomb 2005-03-23

MiniShare 1.5.0 Released

MiniShare 1.5.0 is finally released, hopefully relatively bug-free. The biggest new thing is the template system, that makes it possible to modify the index listing, among other things (for example, making it possible to password protect the index page). We also have a new Hungarian translation, thanks to Documan.



Posted by kometbomb 2005-03-07

MiniShare 1.5.0 Final Preview

Here is (hopefully) the last preview of 1.5.0. Please report any problems you might have.

Posted by kometbomb 2005-02-21

MiniShare 1.5.0 Preview

Here's the preview version of 1.5.0, it includes a significant new feature, a templating system. It's now possible to customize the error and index pages completely. See the template files and documentation for help and please send suggestions for needed additions.


Posted by kometbomb 2004-12-29

MiniShare and HTTPS

A minimal HTTP-server with a simple GUI meant for fast and simple file sharing. Aims to be useful yet easy to use. MiniShare doesn't have native support for HTTPS yet, but in the meantime you can use various tools to add the functionality. Version 1.4.3 of MiniShare includes some small but useful features that make HTTPS tunneling using Stunnel as convenient as normal HTTP use.

HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP, which means as soon as you are connected to the server, no-one can eavesdrop the connection or the file transfer.... read more

Posted by kometbomb 2004-12-16

MiniShare 1.4.2 Released

All users of MiniShare 1.4.x should update to version 1.4.2 which fixes a security issue.

Change log:

- The current IP address (or fixed domain name) is visible on the window title.
- You can now drop files on the program icon to add them to the shared files.
- Fixed a buffer overflow vulnerability in the new HTTP engine.

Posted by kometbomb 2004-12-06

Vulnerability In MiniShare 1.4.1

As posted on various security bulletins, MiniShare 1.4.1 has a vulnerability that allows an outsider to gain control of the target computer running MiniShare.

(The preview of) version 1.4.2 should fix this particular buffer overflow. Also, for those preferring version 1.4.1, a patched version will be released.

* The preview of 1.4.2:

At the time of writing, the resources for MiniShare development are not enough to ensure complete security. Therefore, it is suggested to act with precaution.

Posted by kometbomb 2004-11-07

MiniShare 1.4.0 Released

Here's the rushed 1.4.0 version, the Dutch version will follow shortly.

List of changes and new features:

- Rewrote the HTTP engine (old engine available with switch -use_old_engine)
- Added the ability to kick and ban users (including permanent bans using
the file banned.txt)
- Added a bunch of command line switches
- Hopefully fixed a load of 32-bit filepointer/filesize related issues
- Better looking error pages (better handling in the source code, too)
- Added a edit file dialog ... read more

Posted by kometbomb 2004-09-24

New MiniShare 1.4.0 Preview Available

Updated the preview, added a kick/ban system and some GUI stuff for the user authentication system (editing/adding users not yet implemented).

Posted by kometbomb 2004-09-04

MiniShare 1.4.0 Preview Available

Maybe not ready enough for an official release, but good enough for a sneak peek. Read the documentation page and the version history for the new stuff.

Posted by kometbomb 2004-08-31

New HTTP Engine

Version 1.4.0 will finally have a completely rewritten HTTP engine, designed to be much more flexible for new features like HTTP authentication (currently functional, though not implemented very well in the user interface). The old engine will be included (you can enable it with the command line switch -use_old_engine) at least until the new engine works reasonably well. A preview version of MiniShare version 1.4.0 will be available soon.

Posted by kometbomb 2004-08-31