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Shared lib - finally!

Okay, so I finally got the shared lib stuff working. miniGL now acts like MathLib, in that you install a .prc shared lib file on your palm, and compile all apps that use miniGL with a smaller stub library. 'tis cool! Check out in the CVS repository to see how it is done.

Posted by Michael J. Sherman 2000-05-15

v0.3 released

Version 0.3 is out. It still needs a lot of work in the greyscale hacks for pre-3.3 OS versions, the fast math routines, and the z-buffer implementation.

Posted by Michael J. Sherman 2000-03-14

FTP archive up

The FTP archive is now up at - you can use anonymous FTP to access all archived tarballs and associated software. The FTP site is mirrored at

Posted by Michael J. Sherman 2000-03-12

Opening of project page

The new miniGL project page at is open!
Both the miniGL code and the test program source are
available in the file releases section. Current source can be
retrieved from the CVS server. Please use the messageboard
to ask questions and promote discussion. Thanks!

Posted by Michael J. Sherman 2000-03-10