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#90 LG TV ordering bug

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Darell Tan

My LG TV (42LE5500) retrieves items from BrowseDirectChildren in a weird way. The TV can only display up to 20 items per page, but it sets RequestedCount to 54. StartingIndex is correctly set to 0, 20, 40, ... etc. When minidlna responds with the 54 entries, the TV sorts folders (containers) first, before items, then displays the entries, limited to 20 per page.

In my setup, I have ~23 folders whose names are similar to the files, so that when sorting by name, the folders are mixed with the files, thereby resulting in duplicate folders appearing on all 3 pages and many missing files. The solution is to make sure minidlna orders items the same way that the TV expects them, so that when the StartingIndex is 20 or more, we return the "correct" subset of items.

A patch is attached against version 1.0.25 to set orderBy in BrowseContentDirectory when the client is an LG device.