#47 Panasonic plasma p42G30e subtitle support



I've tested several dlna servers and this one is the best for me, it simple and it jusr works :) But if you could put a support for subtitle .srt files that would be great! My Panasonic does read srt files when they are named exactly like movie files but the movie and subtitle must be on a USB drive. Through DLNA Panasonic doesn't see them. Also through DLNA, in example when I play mkv movie, I can see and enable/disable subtitles that are embedded in mkv but not external... Can you enable subtitle support in DLNA for Panasonic please? :)


  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    I think it may be possible. I just checked in code to CVS that will hopefully enable subtitle support on Panasonic devices. Can you please try and let me know?

  • cromo

    I just tried the CSV, it somewhat works, but not for all file types (AVI only, not MKV). It's likely minidlna fault as I saw reports over the internet that would say it works with other DLNA servers and MKV. I will check it though to confirm.

    I also noticed some flaw that I hope is a bug and not by design: I had all the subtitles suffixed with "_en", so minidlna wouldn't see them, so I removed the suffixes from file names and that still didn't work. Frankly, only full DB rescan helped. I would have thought that minidlna would dynamically try to locate the files subtitles on movie playback request or at least use inotify if the subtitle information is taken from DB.

    I also am wondering whether it is possible to serve more than just single subtitles (i.e. to have multilanguage support). I could look into coding a patch for it unless it's not really doable with the DLNA extensions that are used by TV manufacturers for subtitle support.

  • cromo

    After reading this (http://forum.serviio.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=555&start=110) long thread I can see that this is normal for this TV to not pick up separate subtitle files when playing MKV. It might be possible to get it working though to inject subtitles on the fly by using ffmpeg, as the TV plays MKVs with embedded subtitles just fine.
    If you can get me any hints about whether this is doable with minidlna, I'd be happy to try to implement this.