How to restrict access to minidlna server


  • Anonymous

    I am using MiniDLNA on Drobo-FS and its working flawlessly, I have been playing the files on my SmartTV where MiniDLNA shows as a media server.  Since I have a WiFi at home ,I occasionally allow some of my neighbors to share my Internet service, which means they are on the same network.  So once the scan for Media servers from their PC's they can easily find my MiniDLNA media server on DroboFS and gain access to my private videos and music.

    How can I restrict access to MiniDLNA to certain IP addresses which I know that I will be using and these IP's are statically assigned to my own devices and no one else.  Or if possible a certain range of IP's.

  • Craig Chambers
    Craig Chambers

    From what I understand UPnP (and by extension DLNA) in and of itself does not provide any form of authorisation or filtering, so you will have to find a method at the networking/IP level.

    Congratulations, you have been promoted to the role of SysAdmin.  I hope that you are feeling technical :-)

    I suggest your next point of call should be the wiki or forums for your NAS. 

    Best of luck,
    Craig Chambers