Stops in middle of movie and loads next

John Doe
  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Hi all,

    I have installed minidlna on my Ubuntu laptop which I am using as a media server.

    My movies are on an external USB drive attached to my Ubuntu laptop.

    I use a Samsung LCD LE40B650 TV to watch my movies using a wireless connection (the LCD TV has a wireless dongle).

    Everything is working fine so far apart from one issue that appears from time to time:

    While watching a movie (avi file) the TV will suddenly stop and load the next movie in the same folder, this happens at random.

    Has anyone else experiences this?

  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    You may be able to get a clue by looking at the debug output.  Use the -d command line argument to run minidlna in debug mode.

  • Philip Hannent
    Philip Hannent


    I to have been suffering with this.  I am trying to get to the bottom of it.  It has been getting progressively worse for me the more films I add to my collection.

    I think its related to the disk read performance.  I have a 1TB HDD which only has 50GB of space left.  Chances are the disk is quite fragmented.  I have been reading that on linux the readahead buffer is 128KB by default.  Clearly that is fine for normal PC use but for streaming video files it could fail badly. 

    When I first started loading avi's onto the disk they would have been contiguous on the disk.  The more I delete and then add files the more the fragmented the files are, slowing the read time and potentially causing this problem.

    minidlna uses sendfile system call however I cannot tell if there is a buffer size to tweak.