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limitation of characters?

Thomas Ule
  • Thomas Ule
    Thomas Ule

    I started to use minidlna on opensuse 10.2 with Sony KDL-40V5500 last weekend.
    The server on my Linux-box is seen by the tv, but no pictures are shown. Now I realized,
    the problem are the underscores in the filenames of my pictures. When I removed the
    underscores of some pictures, they are seen by the tv. Is it in generally not possible to use
    underscores or my I change some settings?

    Thomas Ule

    • Justin Maggard
      Justin Maggard

      That's very strange.  MiniDLNA doesn't (shouldn't) have any limitations regarding underscores or any other characters.  My content directory also contains several files with underscores, and they work fine with PS3.  Maybe it's a limitation of the TV?  I don't have Sony DLNA TV, so I can't test this out at all.