Official multiple OS version?


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am aiming to build a port for OpenBSD using the new autoconf tools. Currently I download HEAD to base the work on. Are there any plans to release an official version with autotools support any time soon?

    Thanks for a great project !

  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    Yes, the next version I release will be based off the HEAD branch, using autotools.  I don't have a specific ETA yet though, but it should be within a couple months.


  • Anonymous

    Ok good! minidlna seems to compile without any code patches on OpenBSD 5.1 release.

    It runs fine for a small set of mp3 files, but fails when I have more content (see bug 3538219). The problem seems to need some more return value handling of send(2) command. Don't know why this differ on OpenBSD.