Dear all,

I'm currently testing minidlna on a freenas 8 box. In general, it works as expected but I'd like to propose some little features, which would make it perfect:

1. Hide directories
As I'm storing also trailers and extras of my movies in respective subdirectories, it would be great if I could hide them from minidlna. Best would be, if there was a section in minidlna.conf such as "no_media_dirs", where these directories can be excluded.
no_media_dirs=trailer, extras

For all movies, there is a movie.nfo (XBMC info file) stored in the movies directory. As far as I understood, minidlna should parse these while scanning. For whatever reason, this doesn't work with version, which is running on my freenas. However, I took a look at the source code of metadata.c and found out, that just very few information is parsed. It would be great if you'd extend this to all available fields.
Unfortunatly, I don't have a nanoBSD development einvironment so that I can't do this myself.
Of course, I'd be more then happy to provide you with a sample nfo file in case you'd need it.