Problem Scanning Files

  • John Hewitt
    John Hewitt

    Hi, as a windows developer I took the plunge over the weekend to cross compile Minidlna for my WD worldbook, as the optware version is somewhat out of date.  Eventually I got all the dependancies to compile and created a new install package.

    It installed, I modded the config file to look for my mucis and videos and started it up, everything looked good and the db started to grow in size but eventually it stopped and it didn't look big enough to have catalogued everything.

    I ran it with the -d flag to see what it was doing and spotted that it was getting stuck at one of my music folders(after i removed it ) it finishing cataloging the music, and then stopped on the first video item shoing

    scanner.c:719: info: Scanning /shares/Media/TV/Breaking Bad
    scanner.c:719: info: Scanning /shares/Media/TV/Breaking Bad/Season 1
    metadata.c:814: debug: Container: 'avi'

    I have moved several files but it keep sticking at certain files - is there anything I can do to get it to continue or see why it sticks at these files?