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compile with ARM cross toolchain

T Banh
  • T Banh
    T Banh

    I want to compile MiniDLNA for my ARM platform. However the current platform has minimal libraries available,
    and MiniDLNA requires a long list of libs (libsqlite3, libjpeg, libexif, libid3tag, …).

    Any one cross-compile MiniDLNA for ARM before? How do we get all the supported libs? 
    (perhaps i can try compiling all the required libs but not sure if anyone encounter any problem before)

  • Mahendra Liya
    Mahendra Liya


    Yes, I have cross-compiled miniDLNA for ARM.

    You can do the same too provided you have the toolchain. What you can do is,

    • Download all the dependent libraries i.e. their source code
    • Cross-compile all these depended libraries
    • Download the source code for miniDLNA
    • Modify the MakeFile to include the above cross-compiled files' "include" and "libs"

    Finally, run make and you have the cross-compiled binary.

    That's what I did, and succeeded.(Although had problems, but solved googling around).

    Hope it helps.

    Mahendra Liya.


  • Anonymous


    Any chance of getting greater help on how to cross compile etc…

    I want to make a static binary for my SnakeOS NAS (ARM v4) unit.

    Thanks in Advance


  • Anonymous

    I finished cross-compiling mindlna and library required with arm compile toolchain,  then run ./minidlna -f minidlna.conf  on ARM9 linux platform and got error as below:
    getifaddr.c:69: error: ioctl(s, SIOCGIFADDR, …): No such device.
    Any idea for it !