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  • Craig Chambers
    Craig Chambers

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know (Justin?) if DLNA in general and miniDLNA specifially supports .sub files for subtitles?

    I've just got around to ripping my foreign language DVDs, and although some of them have an English dub, I prefer them in native language with subtitles. 
    I'm currently using Acidrip to take direct MPEG-PS streams from the DVD and save them with a .mpg extension.  This all works fine where no subtitles exist, but obviously for foreign language films, the video does not actually have the subtitles embedded unless I set Acidrip to re-encode and put the subtitles into the video itself.
    Acidrip will let me copy and also create a .sub file, but I have no idea if 1) DLNA/miniDLNA supports it and 2) My Sony Bravia supports it.

    Failing this, does anyone know of a tool that can rip from a DVD and re-encode with subtitles back to an MPEG-PS? (i.e. what my TV supports)


    • Justin Maggard
      Justin Maggard

      AFAICT, there is no consideration of subtitles in the DLNA spec.  It seems to be assumed that if a file has embedded subtitles, then it's up to the media renderer to support them should they decide to do so.

      • Craig Chambers
        Craig Chambers

        OK, thanks Justin.  Looks like its either plan B, or don't bother with these films.


  • Anonymous


    I created a script to rip a DVD to MPEG-2 PS or MPEG-2 TS, it can preserve subtitles in MPEG-2 PS. I've not been able to access subs in a MPEG-2 PS via the PS3 when the file is stream via Mediatomb. I've yet to test it with MiniDLNA and also need to test it with playing the file back from local storage on the PS3.

    Anyway, take a look it may help.


    Regards, Martin.