minidlna showing on device like netflix menus

  • highlanderhcs

    I am running minidlna and using a Sony blue ray player to view mkv's. I am aware it is the clients side that shows the jpgs for the videos which do not work on the Sony's. But is there a way to view the video list in a block form like Netflix or Hulu does instead of a vertical column?

  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    No, that's defined entirely by the client.  All we do is send a list of all the items in XML form.

  • Craig Chambers
    Craig Chambers

    My Sony TVs all have this option.  It's useful when scrolling through thousands of artists.

    I suggest you hit the options button when looking at a the listings, then look for 'view as list' and 'view as icons' (or something very similar) in one of the options sub-menus.