MiniDLNA on HP Proliant DL180

  • For my Home Network I am considering buying a HP Proliant DL180 G6  as a file, print, media and backup server and furnished with the Ubuntu OS. Would MiniDLNA work fine on this configuration? As "clients" I would have a Samsung or Sony DLNA TV, an Onkyo DLNA Amplifier, some Logitec Music Streamers and a couple of windows/linux PCs.
    Would such a configuration work at all, i.e. will I be able to stream music, videos and pictures stored on the HP server, or do I need a DLNA certified NAS?
    Thank a lot in advance!

  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    Although a NAS would be easier for you, it should work just fine; however, if your Logitech streamers are of the SqueezeBox variety, I believe they will need SqueezeBox Server also.

  • Hi jmaggard, thank you for your answer!

    Logitech provides a Logitech Media Sever version for Debian/Ubuntu.
    Still I don't know whether I should install the 32 or 64 bit Ubuntu.

    I'm aware that running a HPDL180 as a media server might sound like an unneccessary complicated concept, but I really would like to have a real "all in one" server for all services.

    Does anybody suggest any other solution?

  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    If you're decided on setting up a Ubuntu box, I would go with 64-bit Ubuntu for a server platform.  A desktop machine would be more questionable, but multi-arch support will continue to get better, so running 32-bit programs will be less of an issue over time.


  • Anonymous

    Is a DL180 quieter than other server-class hardware?

  • Craig Chambers
    Craig Chambers


    I run minidlna on a Ubuntu 32 bit system that serves as my media hub, router/gateway, Apache web server, DAAP server and several other things. 
    I also run a 64 bit Ubuntu desktop that I installed 4 months or so ago, and I have encountered no issues with software.
    I don't seen any issues with your suggested set-up other than ensuring that your services are all on their own ports.