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#239 Fails to build with libav 10

v1.0 (example)
Florian Will

Dear Justin Maggard,

TBH I don't have enough knowledge about the libav / ffmpeg split to be certain that this is a "bug" in ReadyMedia, maybe you only want ffmpeg support? (Does minidlna actually work with ffmpeg? No idea!)

Anyway, I was getting my hopes up that minidlna could finally re-enter Debian testing after an extended period without maintenance (in Debian, stuck at 1.0.24) and subsequently being removed from Debian testing. It was upgraded to 1.1.2 very recently and I was optimistic to see it back in Debian testing.

Unfortunately, Debian is currently upgrading libav to version 10. It introduces a few API breaking changes: https://wiki.libav.org/Migration/10

So now minidlna needs to be adjusted to work with libav10. I posted a patch to the debian bug tracker, hoping to speed up minidlna inclusion in Debian testing. I'm not sure if the patch is okay for your upstream git repository since I don't know if it's backwards compatible. Apparently the AV_CODEC_ID_* macros have existed for some time, and possibly the avg_frame_rate as well, so maybe it works for older libav versions too.

Also note that I tried to follow the migration guide, but the patch is only compile-tested. It might still break some functionality.

In case you are interested:



  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    Thanks for the pointer. Please try the latest code from git master.

  • Florian Will
    Florian Will

    Thanks for the quick code update. Adding the two relevant commits to the 1.1.2 debian package indeed fixes the compile failure.

    I'm not using debian so I can't test the resulting binary, sorry. Ubuntu still uses libav 9. I hope the maintainer picks up your patch soon (posted it to their bug report) so it can be properly tested by debian users. Though it looks like we can have minidlna back in Ubuntu 14.10, yay.

  • I am getting following error during configure:

    checking for av_open_input_file in -lavformat... no
    checking for avformat_open_input in -lavformat... no
    checking for av_open_input_file in -lavformat... no
    checking for avformat_open_input in -lavformat... no
    configure: error: Could not find libavformat - part of ffmpeg

    Though it does find libavformat:

    checking libavformat/avformat.h usability... yes
    checking libavformat/avformat.h presence... yes
    checking for libavformat/avformat.h... yes

    I tried compiling the latest minidlna-git on debian wheezy (386) with ffmpeg 2.2.2

  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    Gunter, you probably need to set LDFLAGS to point to the directory where your libraries are installed. I am personally using ffmpeg 2.2.3 replacing libav on a wheezy box, and it is building fine.

  • Justin Maggard
    Justin Maggard

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: Justin Maggard