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#235 minidlna 1.1.2 stops working when running as user minidlna

v1.0 (example)

I compiled minidlna on my RaspberryPi under Raspian like I descriped in this post in discussion section help.
I reproduced following behavior.
- When I use "user=minidlna" in /etc/minidlna.conf
I make the first media folder scan. Then I watch a video or listen to an audiofile.
After that I'm not able to stop or start or reload minidlna it doesn't matter what I'm doing! "killall -9 minidlna" or even a reboot is not helping.
- When I comment out the "#user=minidlna"
I make the first media folder scan. Then I listen to an audio file. Everything works like it should. I'm able to stop, force-reload and start minidlna. Then I watch a video and after that stop, force-reload and start are not working anymore. I use "killall -9 minidlna" and after that I start minidlna again and everything works like it should again.

My debugging level for the logfile is info and I see nothing in it what are relying to this problem.