#168 Folder name is changing to (null)


HI, when I modify a folder name or I remove a video file from a folder, that folder is changing the name to (null), the only solution is to delete and recreate the minidlna db.


  • Prodoc

    I keep running into the same issue and found only the same work-around. In my case I'm using the ReadyNAS Duo v2 with RAIDiator 5.3.7, I don't know how to determine which version of MiniDLNA it includes.

    It is quite an annoying bug which appears to have no consistent cause. It also occurs when adding new content to a folder in addition to renaming folders or removing contents from it, either manually through an NFS share, or by e.g. Transmission running on the NAS.

    The effects differ:
    - The "Downloads" folder itself gets renamed to "(NULL)" when a new download is finished.
    - The contents of a modified folder gets one or more "(NULL)" items
    - The "Downloads" folder disappears completely, with its contents appearing on the same level as the "Downloads" folder used to be.

    In my case I only use the "Browse folders" option through MiniDLNA in which it occurs.

    Disabling followed by enabling DLNA to cause the db rebuild is quite an impractical work-around because it takes a long time for it to rescan all files again.

    Let me know if you need any more information.