#50 mingwPORT is very bad

Earnie Boyd
MinGW (23)

I don't know why do you want to create mingwPORT, it's
very bad, I can't compile any package of it , include
autoconf ,automake,libtool, do you have test it? why
can't you directly compile it out and tar as tar.gz
file , than user can directly use it !
just I found I can't directly donwload mingw-4.1.exe,
why don't do that, it's horrible for user to do that!

I think mingw should upgrade in 2 facts:
1: sh
when I use configure to configure package , any package
will occur error as following:
checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... ./configure:
eval: line 1: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'
./configure: eval: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end
of file

It occured in all package , I think it occur in sh.

my sh version:
sh --version
GNU bash, version 2.04.0(1)-release (i686-pc-msys)
Copyright 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
but I also found it in 2.05b sh

2: perl ,m4 , autoconf ,automake,libtool
it's too old , why don't you upgrade it?


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    Of course I tested it. I've used mingwPORT packages to
    install all of the port packages. Since you've issued many
    reports I'm suspecting environment issues. Please attach a
    file containing the output of ``msysinfo all''.

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    Earnie Boyd

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    ping zzhb

    Do you plan to provide the requested file? Have you figured
    out your problems?


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