Updated MinGW/MSys Installers

mingw-get version 0.5-beta-20120416-1

This is a *beta* release, (all previous releases have been classified as *alpha*), and is a recommended upgrade for all users.

For the benefit of those who have asked previously, this release now supports the capability to install a specified version of any package, other than the most recent, provided the package maintainer has not withdrawn it from the list of supported releases. In addition, it adds the capability for package maintainers to specify pre-install, post-install, pre-remove, and post-remove actions for their packages, via lua scripts: see the NEWS section of the release notes, published at http://tinyurl.com/cfhog7v , for more information.

mingw-get-inst version 20120421

Includes the latest version of mingw-get (0.5-beta-20120416-1) and a more recent snapshot of the package manifest data (2012 Apr 21).

mingw-get-inst is a graphical installer that can be used for INITIAL installation of MinGW compilers and MSYS tools (upgrading an existing installation should be done using the command line mingw-get tool). In fact, mingw-get-inst is merely a simple GUI wrapper around the command line tool.

With this release of mingw-get-inst (and the earlier release of the 4.6.2 version of the GCC suite for MinGW), the ability to select the Ada language within the GUI installer is re-enabled (it was always possible to install Ada via the command line tool, but only for certain versions of gcc -- that is, not 4.6.1).

For more information, see the NEWS items listed here:

Posted by Charles Wilson 2013-01-17