Updated MinGW/MSys Installers

mingw-get version 0.4-alpha-1

All MinGW users are recommended to upgrade to this release of the MinGW installation management program. This release fixes a critical bug in the upgrade code, whereby an existing DLL could be replaced by an alternative with an incompatible ABI version, where the correct action is to install both concurrently. It also adds several new features, including anonymous upgrade, the 'source' and 'license' actions; and the new --print-uris, --download-only, and --all-related options. For more information, see the NEWS items listed here:

mingw-get-inst version 20111118

Includes the latest version of mingw-get (0.4-alpha-1) and a more recent snapshot of the package manifest data (2011 Nov 18).

mingw-get-inst is a graphical installer that can be used for INITIAL installation of MinGW compilers and MSYS tools (upgrading an existing installation should be done using the command line mingw-get tool). In fact, mingw-get-inst is merely a simple GUI wrapper around the command line tool.

In addition, mingw-get-inst now allows to "de-select" the C Compiler, in case users which to use mingw-get-inst to install only the MSYS tools, without the MinGW compiler(s). However, if any of the other MinGW compiler languages are selected, the C compiler will also be installed whether selected or not.

Finally, mingw-get-inst also now captures the output from mingw-get in a log file, and offers to display the result once the installation is complete.

For more information, see the NEWS items listed here:

Posted by Charles Wilson 2011-11-18