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+mingw mingwrt
+This distribution is created from pristine source without patches.
+Canonical homepage: http://mingw.org/
+Canonical download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/files/MinGW/Base/mingw-rt/mingwrt-4.0.2/mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32-bld.tar.lzma
+License: Mixed but primarily MIT style license.
+Language: C
+Build requirements:
+  MinGW gcc runtime environment
+  MSYS shell environment and msys-xz
+Build instructions:
+  cd working-directory
+  mingw-get source mingw32-mingwrt
+  cd mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32
+  make clean package
+  # See the output of make usage for a detailed list of targets
+  # You can edit package.ini to modify the configuration items or to increment
+  # the MPKGRLS value (the -1- after the mingw32).
+When the job completes the release files will be generated in the rls directory
+of the working directory.
+  README.mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32
+  mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32-bld.tar.lzma
+  mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32-dev.tar.lzma
+  mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32-dll.tar.lzma
+  mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32-doc.tar.lzma
+  mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32-lic.tar.lzma
+  mingwrt-4.0.2-1-mingw32-src.tar.lzma
+Differences between 4.0.0 and 4.0.2:
+* 4.0.1: [bugs:#2037] The libwinspool.a file contained the incorrect shared
+library name and was corrected to contain winspool.drv instead of winspool.dll.
+* 4.0.2: [bugs:#2045] Wtsapi32.h was badly filtered and used specstrings.h
+components without resolving the components used.  The specstrings components
+__in/__out were removed and the badly filtered components were moved to the
+correct filter.
+Test results:
+  This package has no organized testing.  But individual unit testing proves
+  good.  This package was used to build GCC-2.8.1 release for MinGW.