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 The 'update' command updates the local copy of the package information
 database.  This version of mingw-get-inst ships with a snapshot of that
-database, from 2011 Mar 13. (During the GUI phase of the installation, you
+database, from 2011 Mar 16. (During the GUI phase of the installation, you
 will be given the option of automatically updating the database to the
 latest version, or using the pre-packaged snapshot).
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+	* Ship with mingw-get-0.2-alpha-2.  This bugfix release corrects MinGW‐Bug
+	  3212246; this was a serious bug which, under certain specific conditions,
+	  could result in a package name alias being matched to the wrong package,
+	  (e.g. autoconf2.5 resolved to match the mingw32‐autoconf2.1 package,
+	  instead of mingw32‐autoconf2.5). 
+	* Update catalogue to 2011-03-16.
+	* pkginfo is added to the initial installation list. mingw-get-inst has long
+	  installed this element (part of the mingw-get constellation, but not an
+	  explicity required element). "Prime the pump" so that mingw-get will know
+	  how to update pkginfo in the future.
 	* Ship with mingw-get-0.2-alpha-1.  This new release adds the following
 	  new features and improvements.  For more information (and current